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Cleveland Clinic's MyConsult Adoption Consultations are conducted by Elaine Schulte, M.D., a board-certified pediatrician and adoption consultant to the Cleveland Clinic Children's Adoption Program.

Whether adopting internationally or domestically, we believe that a pre-adoption consultation is the best way to prepare parents for the unique challenges and joys of adoption. In international adoptions, transitioning a child from orphanage or foster care in another country can present some additional challenges which require added sensitivity, insight, and preparation. Once your child has arrived home, our post-adoption consultations are available to address any issues that may arise after adoption.

Through MyConsult, you can contact our team from the comfort and privacy of your home. This personalized, timely service will streamline the evaluation of your child's health records, photos and video files.

Pre-Adoption Consultation ($565)

Our full pre-adoption consultations include:

  • Immediate review of your child's medical records, photos and video files
  • Interpretation of medical terminology
  • Assessment of growth
  • Outline of developmental and behavioral expectations
  • A plan to address medical developmental, feeding, sleeping and other issues beforehand, especially if travel is required
  • Phone consultation and email support during the adoption process, even during trips abroad
  • Information about adoption resources
Post-Adoption Consultation ($565)

Our post-adoption consultations assist parents in addressing any issues that may arise after adoption such as difficulties related to sleep, behavior, learning or development. Our adoption specialist will review the child's medical history, records, and test results, and provide a comprehensive, personalized report, taking care to answer your individual questions. You will be able to review treatment options or alternatives, as well as recommendations regarding your child's future care needs. This option is available for adopted children of any age.

Additional Child Review ($125)

If needed, a consultation for the adoption of an additional child can be requested within one year of receiving a pre-adoption consultation.

Record Review ($285)

A personal phone consultation with Dr. Schulte for a one-time medical record review, which may include photos and/or videotapes. If on-going access is needed for additional questions, or while traveling overseas, please request a Pre-Adoption Consultation.

General Adoption Information ($285)

A personal phone consultation with Dr. Schulte to answer general medical questions regarding adoption. If on-going access is needed for additional questions, or while traveling overseas, please request a Pre-Adoption Consultation.

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