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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our frequently asked questions before beginning the online second opinion process.
Questions and Answers to Review Before Starting Your Request
Why should I receive an online medical second opinion from Cleveland Clinic?

You should consider a second opinion if you:

  • are faced with a serious illness and want to confirm your proposed treatment plan is the right one for you
  • have been told you need surgery and want to confirm the recommendation
  • are faced with a serious illness and want to confirm your proposed treatment plan is the right one for you
  • have been told you need surgery and want to confirm the recommendation
  • have been offered more than one treatment choice and you want advice
  • are diagnosed with a chronic illness and want to confirm the proposed treatment plan
  • have been advised to undergo an experimental treatment
  • have medical problems placing you at greater risk of complications from surgery or other medical treatment
  • want more answers to your questions to make the most informed decision about your health or that of a loved one
  • want an opinion from our world-renowned specialists, but do not want to incur the time and expense of travel

What if I don't know my diagnosis or can't find the one my doctor gave me on your list?

If you are unsure of your diagnosis, please call the MyConsult office and ask to speak to one of our nurses who can help determine your original diagnosis. Please contact us by calling 1.216.444.3223 or 1.800.223.2273 ext 43223 or by email at

Can anyone in any state or any country use the MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion program?

This service is available to any individual, (with few exceptions of residence), that has been diagnosed with one of the 1,200 conditions available in our program after completing a patient Patient Consent Form. If a person over the age of 18 would like another individual to request an online second opinion on their behalf, they may do so by providing us with a Proxy Consent Form. A signed Physician Request for Consultation Form is required for patients residing in the U.S. outside of Ohio, Puerto Rico, and Canadian provinces outside of Ontario. Please print the attached letter (link) and give it to your physician with the physician request for consultation form.

The few exceptions:

Attention: North Dakota and Guam residents

We are unable to offer online medical second opinions to patients whose mailing address is in Guam or North Dakota. We are abiding by all state regulations in offering this service. However, if you reside in North Dakota or Guam and wish to obtain a second opinion from a Cleveland Clinic physician we will be happy to assist you in making an in-person appointment. To schedule an appointment, please call 1.866.320.4573.

Attention: California Residents

Due to current restrictions, residents of California that would like to request an online medical second opinion must inquire with our clinical operations staff (1.216.444.3223 or 1.800.223.2273 ext 43223) prior to starting an online registration. We will determine your eligibility in advance prior to proceeding with your request.

Are there limitations of the MyConsult Online Medical Second Opinion program?

We are unable to provide an online medical second opinion for active Workers' Compensation cases, any cases involving litigation, or for patients who are hospitalized.

Acutely ill patients or those with complex medical situations should call the MyConsult Staff (1.216.444.3223 or 1.800.223.2273 ext 43223) prior to completing their second opinion request. Cleveland Clinic reserves the right to accept, reject, or cancel requests for any reason at any time prior to the completion of the service.

Can I request an online second opinion for a loved one?

Yes; however, certain forms are required by law:

Patients over the age of 18:

The patient needs to provide written consent for another individual to request their online second opinion. Please print out a Cleveland Clinic proxy form and have the patient complete, sign and date it. Include this form with the packet of materials you send to the MyConsult office address.

If the patient is unable to complete the form, a copy of the legal documents verifying the authority of the individual requesting the opinion (Power of Attorney for Health Care or Court-Appointed Guardian) must accompany the Patient Consent Form when submitted. The form must be signed, dated, witnessed by 2 people, and if possible, notarized.

Patients under the age of 18:

If you are their parent or legal guardian, you do not need to submit a proxy form. If the patient is under 18 and you are not their parent or legal guardian, then the patient's parent or legal guardian needs to complete a proxy form. Include this form with the packet of materials you send to the MyConsult office address.

Do I need my local doctor's permission to request a MyConsult second opinion?

All U.S. patients who live outside of the state of Ohio within the United States, Puerto Rico or Canadian provinces outside of Ontario) must submit a signed physician request for consultation form. It must be signed by a physician licensed in the patient's home state. Please click here to download the Form. Please print the attached letter (link) and give it to your physician with the physician request for consultation form.

Do I need an email account to request an online second opinion?

Yes, our staff will communicate important information to you through a secure email system.

Questions and Answers to Review Before Submitting Your Request
Who will see and share my information that I send over the internet?

You and the Cleveland Clinic staff only. When it comes to handling patients' medical information, Cleveland Clinic has always adhered to the highest standard of privacy. For more information about security, see our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Can I cancel my online second opinion request?

You may cancel your request at any time in the process prior to "approving" your file for submission. You may not cancel once you click "approve" as we have started working on your request at that point.

Who chooses the physician who will provide my online second opinion?

After carefully reviewing your information, our experienced medical team will determine which Cleveland Clinic physician specialist is most appropriate to handle your second opinion case.

Questions and Answers to Review Once the Online Request is Completed
How do I obtain my medical records for submission to Cleveland Clinic?

You have a legal right to have access to your own medical records.

For Medical Records and Test Results:

To obtain these, contact your local physician's office or the facility where your tests were performed. Typically you will need to submit to them a written request for the information with the patient's name, address, birth date, social security number and dated signature. The records within the last 2 years relating only to your diagnosis may include paper files, pathology slides, x-rays and other radiology and laboratory findings. If the patient is unable to sign the request form, a legal representative may sign for them. To assist you, we have drafted a letter template that may be useful to print and send to your physician's office to request your medical records.

You should specify in the request that the records be released to you, rather than released to the Cleveland Clinic. Your physician or facility may require 7 to 14 days to complete your request and may charge you a fee.

Pathology Slides:

If you request pathology slides, call the pathology department of the facility that evaluated them and ask how to obtain "original stained slides". In many instances, pathology slides are sent directly to the Cleveland Clinic MyConsult office, desk T-43 by the outside facility. The mailing information is provided below.

How do I submit my medical records to Cleveland Clinic?

We strongly encourage you to submit one single package with all medical records listed on the Materials Checklist for your diagnosis, and with all consent forms. As an alternative to the mailing instructions below, you may upload your medical records in Step 3 of the MyConsult registration.

By Mail:

Please send all materials to the Cleveland Clinic MyConsult office. Please use a mailing service that requires a signature from the recipient such as, UPS, Federal Express, DHL, or registered U.S. mail (UPS and Federal Express packages cannot be accepted on weekends or holidays. USPS packages are accepted on Saturday). For your convenience, you may print out and use the mailing label during Step 3 of the second opinion process.

Our mailing address is*:
Cleveland Clinic MyConsult Office
9500 Euclid Avenue
Desk T-43
Cleveland OH 44195

*You must include Desk T-43 in the mailing address to ensure delivery.

International Patients Mailing Pathology Slides:

International patients that are sending pathology samples need to indicate the following information on their package's commercial invoice to avoid delay at U.S. Customs:

  • This specimen is for my medical second opinion review by the Department of Pathology at Cleveland Clinic located in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • The slides and/or paraffin blocks (including corresponding pathology reports) are non-infectious and contain non-contagious human tissue taken from the organ tissue that are fed and /or preserved in paraffin.
  • This specimen has never been cultured.
Is there a service available to help me collect my medical records?

Health Advocate, a third-party service, offers medical record collection services at no cost to our current patients. Health Advocate will facilitate the collection and submission of the medical records that are required for the MyConsult online medical second opinion.

If you would like to utilize the Health Advocate service, during Step 3 of the MyConsult process, please check the box that states, "Yes, I would like to receive assistance with medical records collection."

Once you have completed Step 5 of the MyConsult process, a Health Advocate team member will contact you directly to initiate the medical records collection process.

Can I send my medical records to Cleveland Clinic in a language other than English?

No, we are not able to process requests that are not in English and we do not provide a document translation service. All submitted documents pertaining to your second opinion must be in English or translated into English prior to submitting.

What if I can't obtain all the documents requested in the information materials list?

If there is something on the checklist that you cannot obtain, please call the MyConsult office to determine if we are still able to proceed. You may contact us by calling 1.216.444.3223 or 1.800.223.2273 ext 43223 or by email at

How long will it take to receive my online second opinion?

Your medical information will be organized and reviewed for completeness by the MyConsult nurses before being assigned to a physician. After your case is assigned to a physician, the second opinion is typically available in 10 - 14 business days.

The timeframe may be delayed if:

  • A pathology review is required for your second opinion
  • A specialty physician required to complete your second opinion is not available at the time of your request or you have requested a specific physician to complete the second opinion and they are not currently available.
  • The assigned physician determines that the complexity of the case requires consultation with additional specialists
Can I check on the status of my online second opinion request?

You may check the status at any time by logging in to the secure account you set-up during the registration process. Our staff will notify you by email when:

  • We receive your online request
  • We receive your supporting medical materials
  • Your opinion is complete and available on the website
  • We have a question about your request

Questions and Answers Once I Receive My Report
What if I have additional questions after I receive my online medical second opinion report?

The requestor may submit one set of three questions within thirty days of receiving the initial consultation report.

What will my online second opinion report include?

Based on your medical information and initial diagnosis, your Cleveland Clinic physician specialist will send you a written thorough second opinion (including recommendations) on your initial diagnosis and treatment plan. The Cleveland Clinic physician specialist

  • may have a different diagnosis and therefore a completely different treatment plan.
  • may agree with your physician's diagnosis, but may offer a different treatment plan or additional treatment options.
  • may agree with the diagnosis and the treatment plan of your first opinion and this second opinion confirmation offers you peace of mind that you are moving forward in the right direction.
  • When possible, may also refer you to the most current literature (such as medical journal articles) regarding your condition that may also help you as you make your healthcare decisions

Once you have received your second opinion, you are welcome to come to Cleveland Clinic for your treatment if so desired.

Can I obtain a receipt for my MyConsult second opinion?

Yes. You will find a link to print your receipt when you log into the secure site once your report is completed.

Will Cleveland Clinic return my pathology slides and other medical records?

We will only return pathology slides, which are sent directly back to the facility that sent them to us. We do not return any scans, films or paper records.

If I decide to come to Cleveland Clinic for treatment, can I see the same doctor who provided my online second opinion?

Please notify the MyConsult team prior to making any travel arrangements or appointments. Our goal is to direct you to the appropriate department for assistance in scheduling your appointment with the physician specialist that is the most appropriate person for your case at the time you make the appointment.