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Frequently Asked Questions

Please review our frequently asked questions before beginning the online pathology second opinion process.
Questions and Answers to Review Before Starting Your Request
Why should I receive a pathology second opinion consultation from Cleveland Clinic?

The management and treatment of a disease is often dependent on an accurate and precise pathology diagnosis. A second opinion from MyConsult can ensure that you are making the most informed decision about your diagnosis and treatments. In certain cases, special studies and molecular markers may be utilized to help further refine and subclassify the diagnosis, which in turn may offer additional treatment options and plans. Cleveland Clinic is one of the world's most prestigious healthcare organizations, built on a commitment to top quality patient care, education, and research, and has consistently ranked amongst the top hospitals in America by U.S. News & World Report.

The Pathology Department at Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest in the United States and is nationally and internationally renowned. With over 100 pathologists and 12 subspecialties, our pathologists receive many thousands of consultations per year and are consistently recognized as experts in their fields by their peers, frequently lecture in their areas of expertise and publish extensively. Many hold leadership positions in their professional societies and lead research to bring the latest medical achievements to patients as quickly as possible.

When should I consider a MyConsult Online Pathology Second Opinion from Cleveland Clinic?

There are many situations in which an online pathology second opinion from Cleveland Clinic is valuable. You should think about using this program if you:

  • Want reassurance and peace of mind that you have received the correct pathology diagnosis and that you are receiving the most appropriate medical care for your individual condition
  • Are faced with a diagnosis based on biopsy, blood work, or surgery performed, and you want to confirm that your diagnosis is the right one
  • Have been told you need surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy based on your pathology diagnosis, and want to confirm the diagnosis

We are unable to provide second opinions for pathology readings completed at another Cleveland Clinic location (ie Cleveland Clinic Florida, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi).

How much does an online pathology second opinion consultation cost?

The cost to receive an online pathology consultation is $300.00. We accept most major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover) that will not be charged until your second opinion is completed and ready for your review online.

While we will not process your payment of the online second opinion until the final consultation report has been completed and ready for your review online, it is important to understand that once you have given online authorization in Step 5 to the MyConsult staff to proceed with your second opinion request, your opinion process has begun. At this time you may not cancel your request and you will be responsible for the full payment.

Will my insurance pay for an online pathology second opinion?

MyConsult Online Pathology Second Opinions are not covered by insurance and we are unable to accept any insurance payments.

Can I request an online pathology second opinion for a loved one?

Yes; however, the patient needs to provide written consent for another individual to request their online second opinion. A signed proxy form can serve as written consent. Please print out a Cleveland Clinic proxy form and have the patient complete, sign and date it. Then include this form with the packet of materials you send to the MyConsult office address.

Can anyone in any state or any country use the MyConsult Online Pathology Second Opinion program?

Cleveland Clinic's MyConsult Online Pathology Second Opinion is currently available only to patients outside the United States who are requesting a second opinion.

If you are patient in the United States and would like a pathology second opinion consultation, you may request a comprehensive online medical second opinion through our medical second opinion service.

Are there forms that must be submitted in order to obtain an online pathology second opinion?

Yes, the following consent forms must be completed and submitted to MyConsult in order to receive an online second opinion.

  • Patient Consent Form*: All patients must complete and submit this form.
  • Proxy Consent Form: please complete this form if someone will be assisting you with the MyConsult process as a requestor or is assisting you with medical record collection.

*If the patient is unable to complete the form, a copy of the legal documents verifying the authority of the individual requesting the opinion (Power of Attorney or Court-Appointed Guardian) must accompany the Patient Consent Form when submitted. The form must be signed, dated, witnessed by 2 people, and if possible, notarized.

Do I need my local doctor's permission to request a MyConsult pathology second opinion?

No, international patients are not required to acquire physician consent in order to request an online pathology second opinion consultation through MyConsult. You are your own best advocate for your health and seeking a second opinion allows you to gain additional knowledge about your diagnosis and available treatment options so you can feel comforted that you are making the most informed healthcare decision.

Can I send my medical records to Cleveland Clinic in a language other than English?

We are not able to process requests that are not in English and we do not provide a document translation service. All submissions pertaining to your online pathology second opinion consult must be translated prior to being submitted to the Cleveland Clinic MyConsult office. Medical translation services (not within Cleveland Clinic) are available and we would suggest researching to find the one that best suits your needs.

Do I need an email account to request an online pathology second opinion?

Yes, our staff will need to communicate with you via email to let you know that new information has been sent to your secure online MyConsult account that you will set-up during the registration process. We do not send any medical information to your email account as this is not a secure environment. We strictly send reminders and/or status updates about your pathology second opinion letting you know to log on to your secure account.

Questions and Answers to Review Before Submitting Your Request
How do I obtain my slides, original pathology report, and medical records for submission to Cleveland Clinic?

As a patient, it is your legal right to have access to your own medical records, including slides and pathology reports. If you encounter difficulties in obtaining the materials, please contact the Cleveland Clinic Pathology Office at 1.800.628.6816 to determine if we can assist in this process.

If you request pathology slides, call the pathology department of the facility that evaluated them and ask about their procedure for obtaining original stained slides. In many instances, pathology glass slides are sent directly to the Cleveland Clinic MyConsult Pathology office by the outside facility. After the Cleveland Clinic pathologist has reviewed your pathology slides, they are returned to the outside facility that originally provided the slides.

Medical Records and Test Results:
Additional medical records and test results may be requested by the expert pathologist after reviewing your slides. In order to obtain these items, you will need to contact your local physician's office or the facility where your tests were performed. While the process may vary, patients typically need to submit a written request for the information.

Please make sure you specify that you would like the records released to you, rather than released to the Cleveland Clinic. Your physician or facility may require seven to 14 days to complete your request and may charge you a copying fee.

We are unable to accept medical information submitted from personal health record systems (ie MyChart, HealtheChart). All medical records must originate from the medical facility's medical records department. All documents must be submitted in English.

How do I submit my pathology slides to Cleveland Clinic?

International patients that are sending pathology samples need to indicate the following information on their package's commercial invoice to avoid delay at U.S. Customs:

  • This specimen is for my medical second opinion review by the Department of Pathology at Cleveland Clinic located in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • The slides and/or paraffin blocks (including corresponding pathology reports) are non-infectious and contain non-contagious human tissue taken from the organ tissue that are fed and /or preserved in paraffin.
  • This specimen has never been cultured.
Who will see my information that I send over the internet?

You and the Cleveland Clinic MyConsult staff only. When it comes to handling patients' medical information, Cleveland Clinic has always adhered to the highest standard of privacy. Today, we continue that strict practice when communicating with patients via our website. We ensure your complete privacy via the internet by:

  • Having you register set up a secure online account through our website
  • Establishing a secure account ensures a secure connection between you and Cleveland Clinic
  • Encrypting (scrambling) your information via Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption keys ensures your privacy as well

Your computer securely and privately transfers your information to Cleveland Clinic. However, you must use a browser capable of 128-bit encryption, Internet Explorer 6.02 or higher. If our system detects that your browser does not meet this specification, we will notify you and instruct you to upgrade your browser. For more information about security, see our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Who chooses the pathologist who will provide my online second opinion?

After carefully reviewing your second opinion request and medical records, our Pathology Institute administration will determine which Cleveland Clinic pathologist is most appropriate to handle your second opinion case. You can view biographical profiles for all MyConsult pathologists at our List of Providers page.

Can I cancel my online second opinion request?

You may cancel your online second opinion request at any time while you are filling out the online forms. Simply click on the "cancel" button at the end of any section to delete your request. However, you may not cancel your consultation once you have authorized us to proceed (upon completion of the online steps) and we have started working on your request.

Questions and Answers to Review Once the Online Request is Completed
How long will it take to receive my online pathology second opinion?

The timeframe for rendering your online pathology second opinion is typically 2-3 business days after receiving the slides and required materials at Cleveland Clinic. MyConsult pathology processing area will review all of the materials to determine if they have all of the necessary documents needed for the expert pathologist review. Receiving all the required materials is a key piece in making sure that the most comprehensive consultation report is issued to the patient requesting a pathology consult from Cleveland Clinic.

The timeframe may be delayed by a few days when any of the following circumstances apply:

  • If additional paraffin blocks are required to be cut and reviewed
  • If additional stains or immunohistochemistry are required to make the diagnosis

Weekends and holidays are not included in the 2-3 day timeframe; strictly business days.

Please note: Sending materials from outside the U.S. typically takes 3-5 days to reach our office. Please factor this delivery time into the overall turnaround time.

Can I check on the status of my online second opinion request?

Yes. You may check the status at any time. Simply visit our website and log in to the secure account you set-up during the registration process. Our staff will communicate with you via email to let you know that new information has been sent to your secure online MyConsult account so we recommend checking your email at least once a day. We will notify you by email when:

  • We receive your online request
  • We receive your supporting medical materials
  • Your opinion is complete and available on the website

We will also contact you via phone or email if we have a question about your request.

Will you store my credit card information?

When you request an online pathology second opinion and provide your credit card information to us, we will store the information in our secure system until your request is complete. We do not store credit card information beyond this time period. If you request an additional online second opinion at a future date, we will ask you to provide your credit card information again. See our Privacy Statement for a full explanation of our information and security practices.

Will you share my information with anyone else?

No. Only the Cleveland Clinic team managing your case will see your medical information. See our Privacy Statement for a full explanation.

Will Cleveland Clinic return my pathology slides and other materials?

Yes. Once we complete your online pathology second opinion, we will use a courier service to return any slides, blocks and other materials within approximately two-three weeks. If the slides were sent to us directly from the facility, we will return them to the facility. We are unable to forward pathology glass slides to other locations, and we do not return medical records and diagnostic reports (paperwork). If you would like to save copies of these items, please make sure to make copies prior to sending them to the Cleveland Clinic MyConsult.

Will I receive a receipt for my MyConsult second opinion?

Yes. We will mail you your itemized statement/receipt approximately 3 weeks after your second opinion consultation is completed.