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Feed Your Heart Right to Keep your Lifeblood Flowing

No one likes clogged-up sinks. But clogged-up arteries are even worse because you cannot simply unclog them with drain cleaners. Yet, by adhering to a heart-healthy diet, you can reduce your chances of developing narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), which can lead to heart attacks. If you already have atherosclerosis, you can actually slow down, stop or even reverse the disease.

Just change your diet. It seems easy until you consider all the conflicting advice presented by the media and the Internet. First the experts say eggs are bad. Then they say they are good. Some recommend a daily glass of wine, while others ban alcohol. Then there are those diet gurus who advocate restricted carbohydrates and unlimited fats. Soon your head starts spinning. read more..

Transforming Lives One Bite at a Time

You are what you eat. This old saying is truer than many people think. But just what does it mean? And if we really are what we eat, then what foods should we consume? Cleveland Clinic's convenient, online nutrition program gives easy answers to these questions and many, many more.

Unlike other nutrition plans, such as Weight Watchers, Cleveland Clinic's MyConsult* Nutrition Counseling is customized to each individual. The convenient, Web-based program connects people to a Cleveland Clinic Heart Center registered dietician who develops personalized, comprehensive nutrition programs based on each particular person's unique requirements. read more..

For Optimal Diabetes Health, Follow Individualized Nutrition Plan

"Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" - right? Probably not if you have diabetes. If that is the case, then you undoubtedly know to avoid sugar. But what else should you do to control your blood sugar levels? Can what you eat actually impact your risk of diabetes-related complications? And does one special diabetes diet work for everyone?

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, then you may be asking these questions, plus many more. You may also have tried to find answers by surfing the Internet - only to find a host of conflicting information. Well, there is one resource that offers diabetes information that is completely reliable. It is Cleveland Clinic's MyConsult* Nutrition Consultation, a convenient, online nutrition program.

read more..

Susan Paschke Shares Her Secret to Lasting Weight-Loss

Meetings often keep Associate Chief Nursing Officer Susan Paschke, MSN, RN, CNA, running from one end of the main campus to the other. And after losing 27 pounds through Cleveland Clinic's online nutrition counseling program, she can take the stairs without having to catch her breath, and can schedule late afternoon meetings without struggling to stay awake.

Paschke says she's tried every diet available, without long-term success. Last December, she decided to try MyConsult, Cleveland Clinic's online nutrition counseling program, to control her diabetes, as well as to lose weight and boost her energy level. As an experienced nurse, Paschke says she already knew how to lose weight. She just needed support from someone she trusted. read more..

Unique Nutrition Program Helps Woman Lose 34 Pounds - FAST

After years of failed diets, Megan* had almost given up on losing weight. She did not even succeed with Weight Watchers because, as she says, "You can't spend your life counting points."

Then one day she randomly noticed something on a Web site that changed her life. "As an employee of the Cleveland Clinic, I frequently go to their MyChart site, and one day I happened to see a link to an eCleveland Clinic nutrition consultation program," says the 53-year-old Walton Hills resident. read more..